Tacos & Wraps

7. Tacos Nica- $6.39  (order of 4 tacos)
Corn tortillas filled with our gently-seasoned shredded beef, rolled up, deep fried, then topped off with Nicaraguan slaw, sour cream, and ketchup.

8. Tacos  Carne Asada  & Tacos Al Pastor – $5.25  (order of 3 tacos)
Corn tortilla tacos filled with chopped carne asada, topped with diced onions and cilantro. Also try Tacos al Pastor, filled with seasoned pork and pineapples.

9. Beef and Chicken Fajita Wrap – $6.50
Fajita wrap stuffed with seasoned grilled chicken and beef, plus onions, mixed bell peppers and sour cream!

10. Lentil Veggie Wrap  – $5.99
Healthy, delicious lentil wrap stuffed with lettuce and mixed bell peppers.

11. Tempeh Veggie Wrap – $5.99
Tasty and nutritious spinach wrap filled with seasoned tempeh, lettuce, avocado and mixed bell peppers.

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