Tajadas (plantain chips) con Queso $4.99

Long, thin-sliced green plantain chips, lightly fried. Served with fried white cheese and Nicaraguan slaw!

Tostones Con Queso Frito $4.99

Twice-fried green plantain rounds with fried white cheese! Served with Pico de Gallo sauce (tomato, onion and peppers in herbed vinegar) and lemon wedges.

Ham Croquettes $0.99 each

Crisp, bite-size deviled ham logs coated with breadcrumbs then lightly fried.

Beef or Chicken Empanadas $2.25 each

Crisp-fried Latin turnovers filled with seasoned ground beef or shredded chicken.

Tostones con Chicharrón $5.25

Twice-fried green plantain rounds with fried pork rinds.

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